The Train | A Short Film by Asher Grodman | John Avarese
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A life-long musician, John Avarese began studying classical piano at the age of four and by the age of seven he was performing recitals with classical music ensembles. Eventually, John started a music production company that utilized computer based technology to produce original music for a wide range of corporate and commercial clients. He is well known for his ability to produce complex original scores that effectively support the objectives of video producers and filmmakers.

In 2006, John won the Pennsylvania Council of the Arts Fellowship in Music for Jazz/Blues/World and Non-classical Composition and in 2002 he received a grant from the Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association (PIFVA) for scoring the Buster Keaton silent film, Cops. He is currently an Assistant Teaching Professor at Drexel University, teaching Production Sound, Audio Post-Production, and Scoring to Picture.

To this date, Avarese has composed over 3000 commissioned scores and recorded an elegant collection of film music, as well as mixing and sound design on hundreds of projects. This includes twenty theatrical feature films, scores of short films, and five surround sound planetarium features.

Selected Features (Scored and Mixed)

Zombie Killers 2015 (Anchor Bay) Billy Zane, Misha Barton, Dee Wallace
I Am Santa Claus 2014 (Morgan Spurlock) documentary
Camp Dread 2014 (Image Entertainment) Eric Roberts
Assumption of Risk 2014 (independent)
Phobia 2014 (Image Entertainment)
Six Degrees of Hell 2012 (Fabrication Films) Corey Feldman
The Fields 2011 (Fabrication Films) Cloris Leachman, Tara Reid
I Melt With You 2011 (Magnolia) Rob Lowe, Jeremy Piven
My Dog Tulip 2009 (New Yorker Films) Christopher Plummer, Isabella Rossilini

Planetarium Features

Supervolcanoes 2013 Benedict Cumberbatch
Dynamic Earth 2011 Liam Neeson

Selected Shorts (Scored and Mixed)

The Train 2014 Eli Wallace
A Long Walk 2013 Colman Domingo
A Room Nearby (Animated), Paul Fierlinger. 2006 Peabody Award


United Airlines “Spoiled” (international spot) 2005,
Nick Jr. “Amby & Dexter” Interstitials
Sesame Street “Alice Kadeezenberry” series

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